I am an Assistant Professor in the Biostatistics Division in the Population Health Sciences Department at Weill Cornell Medicine. My main area of expertise is working on the statistical analysis of structural magnetic resonance imaging (sMRI) data, with a focus on the disease area of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The problems I have worked on span many areas, including image segmentation, image normalization and harmonization, cross-sectional and longitudinal modeling, as well as software development. The statistical techniques used to solve these problems include classification, machine learning, longitudinal data analysis, and functional data analysis techniques. I did my PhD and ScM in Biostatsitics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health under the advisment of Dr. Ciprian Crainiceanu at Johns Hopkins and Dr. Taki Shinohara at the University of Pennsylvania. A video describing some of the work in sMRI research from my PhD can be found here. Before coming to Weill Cornell, I worked in industry at the healthcare tech companies Flatiron Health and Covera Health doing electronic medical records (EMR) research.

I am an avid R enthusiast! I serve on the board of the meetup group R Ladies NYC. A video of my 2018 R Ladies lightning talk on the reticulate R package can be here (Note: I now know Python so I don’t need to use the reticulate package as much!) A video of my 2019 NYR talk on doing neruorimaging analysis in R can be found here.

My full CV is available here.